We look forward to helping you find funding for your company. First read this:
DO: We only work with for-profit businesses that have a mainstream product, service or platform that have revenue or a beta product / service / platform, which is scalable and who are seeking investors for an equity investment.

DON'T: This also means we don't help with raising debt or debt syndication i.e. to seek investors who make loans. We also don't help non-profits, non-scalable businesses, vice-related businesses dealing with sex, drugs, gambling, tobacco or alcohol.
What's your full name? *

There's nothing sweeter than your own name, and we'd like to call you by that!
What's your company's name? *

(Is it The Facebook or just Facebook... just kiddin :)
Do you have a website we can look at?

It would be nice to see what's up and running...
What number can we call you on? *

Please include the country dialing code as well. e.g: If it's (+973) 9979933, type 009739979933
Do you have a Skype id?

Please provide if you'd like to have this as a backup way of contacting you...
Are you committed to finding an investor for your company? *

Do you have time to devote to finding an investor? *

Do you have access to funds required to find Investors? *

If you answered NO to any of these questions, please explain why:

Q: Are you committed to finding an investor for your company? A: {{answer_35741363}}
Q: Do you have time to devote to finding an investor? A: {{answer_35741364}}
Q: Do you have access to funds required to find Investors? A: {{answer_35741365}} 

How many founders are there? *

We are happy to help you and your co-founders get your company funded. To ensure that everyone has all of the information, we require all decision makers/founders to be on the call.
Can you describe your business: *

If you have an elevator pitch, now's the time to practice it. If you'd like to explain in more detail - go ahead!
Why do you want equity funding as opposed to debt? *

Suppose you read the note at the beginning of this questionnaire :)
How does your company make money? *

Sales, Memberships, Franchising, other... please explain a bit here:
What was your revenue last year? *

(Please state in US Dollar equivalent) e.g. $100,450 type 100450
How much equity funding are you seeking? *

(Please state in US Dollar equivalent) e.g. $1,200,450 type 1200450
What do you think is your biggest obstacle to getting funded? *

If you've been trying to get funding, why do you think you haven't received it?

If you can upload the current pitch deck before the session - we can go through it together and provide some input that will make the session more useful for you.

Please upload PDF version of your pitch / presentation.
Thank you {{answer_35741354}} ! I’ve Received Your Application. Here’s What Happens Next…

I’ve received your application, so within 72 hours you’ll receive an email from me, letting you know whether I feel like I’m best suited to help you or not.

If I feel like I can help you, the email will include a link to schedule our 45 minute strategy session call and I’ll look forward to speaking with you shortly.

On that call we will deep dive into your business so I can understand where your challenges and opportunities for raising capital are. You’ll come away from that call with a plan to hit your funding goals for the next 12 months.

If we like each other on the call and if I feel like I can help you further, I might invite you to become a client. If I do, we can talk more about how that works at the end of our call.

If I don’t feel like I can help you after reviewing your application, I’ll let you know via email as well. Due to the overwhelming demand to work with me personally, I can only take calls where I feel absolutely confident I can help you.

Either way, you’ll hear from me personally within the next 1-3 days. Thanks for reading and keep an eye out for my email. In the meanwhile, sign up for the Pitch Process Masterclass membership...
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